Navigating Your Kids

Experiences and perspective on the School Years

About: Frances Graham

TCMA-Graham_t300I am a practicing pediatrician currently residing in Anderson, South Carolina.  As a pediatrician and mother of two teenagers I have had first-hand experience with  the gamut of education issues in both my personal and professional life.   I come from a family of educators, from kindergarten teachers to college professors, including administrators, and have the utmost respect for true professional educators.   As I began this journey with my kids into the realm of education, I was a naive, trusting soul.  The school of hard knocks has turned me into a realist with a perspective, as a parent, to share with those coming after me.

You may be asking yourself why I am doing this.  I have nothing to sell,  nothing to promote, just an accumulation of knowledge and experiences that make my head want to explode as I see what goes on in the public school system today.   As a pediatrician/mom, I accumulated experiences through the education of my kids–both through homeschooling and public school.  Sharing this information to interested parties is therapeutic for me and hopefully helpful to others….being a Bridge Builder for others.



  1. I appreciate you doing this!!!

  2. This is awesome I subscribed to get notifications:)

  3. Pleased you are shining the light on a failing system. Can’t wait to read all your posts.

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