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You Only Live Once

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IMG_0748.JPGYOLO…….living on borrowed time……a life is threescore and ten years……and the phrase that has initiated many an eye-roll at our house…..Carpe Diem–Seize the Day (“you can sleep when you are in the nursing home”).  It has been my nature and habit to live life with intensity and a sense of urgency.  Some–OK, many (especially my own family)–seem to find this annoying, OK even rude, but it is an innate perspective that is my nature.  I suppose this outlook comes from losing both parents early in life, which is a constant reminder of the fleeting nature of human life.  Those who have seen loved ones through a terminal illness can probably relate to the sense that every visit might be the last and the time…life… is priceless.  Even harder than this is the unexpected accident or illness that abruptly ends life expectancy with no chance to tie loose ends or say things left unsaid.

At some point, the realization hits a person of a certain age that their time is extraordinarily valuable.  The truth is that your time equals your life and the things you spend your life doing begin to take on a huge significance.  Most people spend a lot of time working, most out of financial necessity, and most feel inadequately compensated no matter how great the salary and benefits.   But if you can see the divine perspective–work is your purpose, your mission, your ministry and your worship–then work and the time spent is given immensely more value and readily given away.  No compensation is remotely adequate for your life–but an opportunity for a ministry introduces a value beyond measure to that time spent at work.  This realization–your time IS your life, and your life IS your time–begs a constant re-evaluation of the purpose  and ultimate value of time commitments.

There are circumstances where others may pay for control of your time or possessions—farmers paid NOT to grow crops on a certain acreage, or a worker paid for a certain number of hours of labor.  This may be ok for some, but for those with the Carpe Diem-YOLO-time’s a wastin’ mindset,  that time has to be transformed into a higher purpose or it is simply not worth that portion of your life.  Divine tasks performed here daily……check out the writing of Max Lucado……






Author: Frances

Frances Graham is a practicing pediatrician and mother of two teens with a keen interest in all aspects of education.

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  1. I totally agree! A good book to read that follows along this line of thinking is “Practicing The Presence of God”: the life of Brother Lawrence — though I suspect you have already read it 🙂

    Good thoughts, and I can’t help but wonder what prompted it. That’s because I have an inquiring mind – which is equally annoying to many. 😉

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