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Reality Bites–Get Over It


tumblr_m01bx6XfmR1ql43xgo1_500-450x341I always wanted to be a backup singer.  You watch those people onstage, drifting around, chatting, drinking, then stepping up to the mike for a “WOO, HOO, HOO, HOO”.  It looks so easy–you are on the stage, sharing in the glory and fame, with minimal risk or pressure.  The major limiting factor is that you have to be able to sing.  And no matter how much I hoped and visualized and pretended, I eventually had to admit that I am not a singer.  No matter how much people smile, humor and tolerate me, I am still not a singer, and I just have to accept that reality, make the most of who I am, and move on.  Seems like it’s time for the rest of society wake up and accept the realities of life as well.

Today I became aware of a publication from the University of Tennessee’s Office of Diversity, encouraging students and faculty to use ‘gender neutral pronouns’–nonsensical made-up ‘words’ that have no meaning other than the meaning the Office of Diversity says they have. I can tell you right now, this BS does not pass the Gold Standard for ‘word-hood’ used in my family–being able to be used in Quiddler or Scrabble.  If it’s not an acceptable word here, it’s not a word.  “Are you kidding me? Qua is NOT a word! Get that off there!” And as much as the University of Tennessee would like to be politically correct and tolerant, it just seems to me that an institute of higher learning would see a little problem with making up nonsense instead of……well….real education.  In somewhat of a defense of UT, this has become a trend in most businesses, hospitals and institutions, most having their own version of the Office of Diversity to endow us all with an upgrade of the sensitivity app.

This week we were informed of the murder of two people on live television. The follow-up stories document the mental issues of the murderer, who took words out of context and twisted the meaning into perceived racial slurs where none were obviously intended.  Our society has now evolved to the point that the behavioral norm is a state of constant vigil–looking to be offended by intolerance, political incorrectness or insensitivity of race, sexuality, or socioeconomic status.  On a similar note, I can’t begin to explain the recent surge of gender identity issues.  Political, social, and media manipulation of issues certainly play a role in desensitizing and pressuring the masses to accept new ‘normals’, as well as offering reasons for deviation from the intent of the Creator.  Any student of biology can tell you that from the beginning, biological sex is set in almost every living thing and in humans, 46 XY is a male, and 46 XX is a female.  For whatever problem and confusion that develops between the ears regarding what you think or wish you are, biological sex as well as race, is set from the get-go.  Sorry, Bruce…er….Cait….umm….ze….uh….

This foolishness at the University of Tennessee, and many other colleges and universities I suspect, serves to shape the next generation into a bunch of spineless lemmings, following the crowd, afraid to speak, or question, or think, or challenge–all in the name of tolerance and sensitivity.  If the alumni, all you Vols For Life, don’t want to persist as a laughingstock you need to speak up like Alan West did.  Comedian Colin Quinn illustrates the ridiculous place where society has now arrived…..



I can’t speak for everyone, but for most it’s easy to get along with and be tolerant and respectful of anyone who is willing to show me the same courtesy, not flaunting something in my face and forcing me to accept it as ok, normal, or desirable if I don’t agree.  ‘It is what it is’ and it’s time to speak up. Thank God for Donald Trump…..if nothing else comes of his campaign, at least he has given us the courage to speak up.



Author: Frances

Frances Graham is a practicing pediatrician and mother of two teens with a keen interest in all aspects of education.

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