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Reblog: Forbes–Is Common Core Developmentally Appropriate?


UntitledThis is a great article re-posted from Dianne Ravitsch’s blog, and it is SO true that standardized tests do not correlate with ability or future success.  In medical school we were graded, for the most part, by multiple choice computerized tests–and preparing for that type of test most definitely narrows the ability to think broadly and problem-solve.  Some of the best physicians–as in other professions–are not good test-takers.  I must confess that I am a ‘good test-taker’ and can often pass continuing education tests without reading the material because of a knack in test-taking.  That may seem pretty scary, but I read and research because I am motivated to learn for other reasons, the test-taking just completes the bureaucratic documentation.   If we are teaching kids at such an early age to limit their thinking to a predetermined choice given to them on a test, we are doing them a terrible disservice.  Stop the insanity.  

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Frances Graham is a practicing pediatrician and mother of two teens with a keen interest in all aspects of education.

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